Weekly Digest!

Back by popular demand, here is another rendition of the Weekly Digest! For those that need a refresher, this is the blog to get all the happenings (or already happened happenings?) from our student bloggers in one convenient, easy to read digest. So keep up and hold on, this is gonna be a good one!

Anthony (Nov. 12th)The End is Nigh: at least for Anthony (as well as a few of our other bloggers!). With his last semester almost here (hey, the spring semester will be here before you know it!), Anthony is taking time to be excited, as well as freak out. It’s natural to feel alarmed and anxious with such a huge milestone right around the corner! Read his blog for all the emotional-filled frenzy!

Carrie (Nov. 13th) – Carrie imparts some interview wisdom to those looking for a job. Her blog is not only packed with 8 (you read that right, EIGHT) fabulous tips for when you land that interview, but she also goes into detail on why she chose these tips. Great read for anyone that has an interview coming up!

Luis (Nov. 16th) – Luis has officially been a student blogger for two years! Thanks so much for all your hard-work and dedication Luis! In this blog he goes into detail why he originally wanted to be a student blogger, and what he’s learned along the way. Check out this great birthday blog, and if you’re interested, take a walk down memory lane (aka read his very first blog that he’s so conveniently linked!)

Tamara (Nov. 15th) – It’s finally starting to feel (and look!) a little more like autumn! In this blog, Tamara posts some fantastic pictures of our campus, and shares just some of her favorite things about fall (Starbucks drinks, anyone?).

Jon (Nov. 17th) – Jon posts about an event he recently attended that was focused on Suicide Awareness & Prevention. Between all the presentations and guest speakers, it was sure an unforgettable and  impactful event. Be sure to check this blog out for more information regarding the event and where you can still get information about mental health and resources on campus.

Elizabeth (Nov. 13th) – With the fall semester almost over, some of us are already planning our winter getaways. Elizabeth shares a great winter vacation spot that’s not too far, and is definitely one that won’t break the bank! Check this blog out if you’re looking for some great ideas for your next getaway.

Makenzie (Nov. 15th) – Who doesn’t love a good theater performance? Makenzie shares with us the latest show put on by the CSU Stanislaus theater department. A Flea in Her Ear is labeled as a hilarious and attention-keeping performance. Like this blog, the show is sure to be something you won’t want to miss!

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