Warrior Weekly

Hey hey Warriors!

How is everyone feeling with the end of the semester coming up? Hope everyone is ready for some amazing blogs!! Check out what our bloggers have to say this week.

Andrew’s Blog:

  • CARNVL 2019: Last weekend was the very first Carnvl for Andrew!! It is a car show/drift exhibition/carnival mix, check out his blog for more information about this event!

Komalpreet’s Blog:

Margie’s Blog:

  • Happy April 25th: If this date already rings a bell for you then you know, but if it doesn’t then you do not want to miss out on what April 25th is!!

Sara’s Blog:

  • The Major Experience: In Sara’s blog she gives us the major experience of Social Science! If you want to know or learn more about this major, this is the perfect blog for you!

Shadi’s Blog:

  • Speaking at NSO: Our blogger Shadi will be speaking at NSO for the teaching credential this summer! Learn about how he got this amazing opportunity.

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