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Hey Future Warriors and Current Warriors!

The blogs this week are amazing! And everyone should check them out, here are some links and descriptions to lead you to the different blogs this week.

Priyanka’s Blog:

  • My Experience with Counseling!: Ever feel so overwhelmed with school and everything going on in your life? This blog touches on how school can get difficult at times and seeking counseling can help you. Priyanka gives us an insider’s perspective about Counseling Services here on campus.

Andrew’s Blog:

  • Happy Ash Wednesday: Stanislaus has a lot to offer for its faculty and students, did you know they even offer an Ash Wednesday Service on campus? For more info check out Andrew’s blog.

Margie’s Blog:

  • Food Fix: Wondering where to go out to eat next? Margie shares her opinion about the restaurant Food Fix and did you know she mentions vegan options as well!

Manny’s Blog:

  • Power of Uncertainty: Uncertainty is something most of us deal with from time to time, read about Manny’s blog to see his experience with uncertainty throughout college.

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