Weekly Digest #11!

Anthony (April 26th & May 1st)

The struggle is definitely real. Most college students would love more money (most meaning all) and Anthony is on the hunt for a job. His first blog post this week is about his methods, techniques, and websites he visits to help him land a summer job. Want to know if he ends up being successful in his search? You better subscribe and get all the updates!

Anthony’s second post of the week is the start of something amazing, as he appropriately titles it. With a new comic book store open in downtown Turlock, Anthony takes full advantage and snags some comics for his collection, and definitely adds it to his list of places you must visit in Turlock. As a huge fan of comic books, is this the start of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship? Hopefully it’s not just a summer fling…

Carrie (April 26th) 

The year is already more than a quarter of the way over and Carrie has some updates on her goals for the year. Between exploring Turlock, working on raising her GPA, or getting back into crafting, Carrie makes sure to give us honest updates! But she still has plenty of time to work on reaching her goals, and the summer is the perfect time to work on all those projects (including crafting) that’s been left on the back-burner. Keep up with Carrie and all her goals. Make it YOUR goal to subscribe!

Luis (April 28th & April 30th)

Spring Break is all about relaxing and making memories, and Luis’s break was no exception. His first blog is all about APO’s sectional conference that was hosted at UC Davis. Every APO chapter participates in “roll call”, and the chapter at CSU Stanislaus  performed a very nice 1950’s themed dance. A video is included in Luis’s blog so you’ll definitely want to see him shake it and groove it to the many hits of yesteryear. Click on the link and give it a view!

And with Luis being one of our many graduating seniors at CSU Stanislaus, of course he had to make a blog celebrating (and counting down!) his time left as an undergraduate. With just less than a month to go, I’m sure we can expect plenty of blogs celebrating his time here at our beautiful and amazing campus.

Marilu (April 27th)

And the list of blogs about Frozen just keep growing. Marilu is still diggin’ this movie, and jumps at the chance to watch it whenever she can! Between watching it again and again with her little nieces, or busting out in some hit melodies from the movie, Marilu is making sure to keep Frozen on her mind, even if the weather isn’t as frosty.

Jon (April 28th) 

Some students during spring break ditch the beaches, sun, and sand and instead opt in for something a little more dusty, old, and spooky. Jon visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA and it definitely fulfilled all his history and paranormal cravings. Between the old rooms, scary stories, and legends behind the woman that built the house, it’s definitely a gem worth a visit. Read all about it and view some awesome pictures in his latest blog!

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