Weekly Digest Oct 1st- Oct 8th

Hello Warriors and welcome back to our student blogger’s Weekly Digest!

Anthony: Keeping us up on campus events, our blogger Anthony tells us about a “Warrior’s Up At Night” event happening TOMORROW Oct 9th. Details are in his blog as well as his own personal experience at one of these events.

Carrie: Our Blogger Carrie celebrated her birthday yesterday on Oct 7th! So she shared with us 24 things about herself! Be sure to comment some love and tell her Happy Birthday!

Tamara: Continuing with her promise to tell us all about her summer, she gave us some insight verbally and visually about her trip to Washington D.C. Beautiful pictures and plenty of detail :).

Makenzie: Poses a difficult decision between Starbuck’s beverages and she wants to know what you would choose! The Pumpkin Spice or the Salted Caramel Mocha?

Luis: Our blogger Luis offers two blogs. His first has some helpful presentation tips for our fellow students and his second one is letting everyone know that he has added two new categories to his blog: Community and Resources. Click on his link and read about what that all entails.

Allyn: This blogger shares her antiquing experience at the Alameda Antique Fair and shares some antique spots here in Turlock as well as Turlock Flea Market information!

Elizabeth: Elizabeth shares with us a delicious new blog that includes a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake! Click on the link to learn to make your own this holiday season!

Thanks for catching up with us and we’re looking forward to your comments and inquires. See you next week!


Weekly Digest Sept 16-30th

Hello Warriors! A perfect little sprinkle of rain to go with our over cast day. The perfect weather to kick back and read a few of our blogs!

Anthony: Our artist blogger is telling us all about an upcoming event this Oct 2nd where the NAACP will be hosting a fine art gala at the Clarion where the CSUS art club will be selling their art between 6-8pm. Help put local artists on the map!  Also Thursday Oct 8th there will be a reception held at the art gala on Main street for Rachel Clarke and Carla Bengston! Click on the link to learn more!

Carrie: This senior blogger went to her first soccer game! Some interesting information is that students can attend for FREE. Go support your Warriors!

Tamara: She shared some of her favorite recipes. She shared the recipe for and Avocado Pasta and a Tofu Curry! Including photos and the feeling that you must try these recipes!

Elizabeth: Blogged about some wonderful tips for water conservation, something so important for those of use living and going to school in California.

Luis: Our blogger Luis is always ready to help out his fellow students. If you are on your computer tonight because you are struggling with your notes for studying, then click on this link! Luis has shared some awesome note taking tips!

Allyn: Our newest blogger is enjoying her new married status and living through the her first holidays in her own home. Looking for some home decor inpiration?! Check out her blog!

Thank you all for reading this weeks digest!  Be sure to have some hot chocolate while you read and enjoy the weather!


Weekly Digest Sept 16th-22nd

Welcome all you Warriors who are looking for some student bloggers to connect with this semester! We have a great group of bloggers who love to share their lives and knowledge with you!

Anthony: Shared with us about an event that was coming up last week, “Warriors Explore Downtown”, and some special information about an open mic night at Cafe La Mo! Anthony also wrote a second blog for us about an artist and professor that he looks up to who has some of his work showing at the University Art Gallery which also happens to be Downtown Turlock! A great read!

Carrie: Do you love pancakes?! Well Blogger Carrie does and she has shared with us a quick and easy pancake recipe that you won’t be able to resist trying!

Tamara: Is Fall your favorite season? Our Blogger Tamara loves it too. Are you new to the central valley, or even just Turlock and it’s weather conditions? Blogger Tamara was too and has some wisdom to share with you!

Makenzie: Our Stanislaus Greek Blogger was joyfully able to participate in Bid Day and gaining some new sisters! If you are interested in joining a sorority or fraternity it may not be too late!

Allyn: This blogger attended the Dancing with the Turlock Stars fundraiser this last weekend, looked like a great way to raise money for some great causes! Blogger Allyn hopes to be able to inform us of local events throughout the semester, look out!

Elizabeth: National Elephant Day has passed and on that day our Blogger Elizabeth shared some great fun facts about elephants! You may even find that some things you thought you knew about elephants are in fact wrong!

Thanks for reading our digest! I hope you found something to read that is to your liking! Happy Wednesday Warriors!


Weekly Digest Sep.9-15

Another great week at Stanislaus, how about that bit of rain?! This past week we’ve got some great blogs written from our bloggers!

Carrie: Welcomes her senior year and all of its stresses. She’s come so far and has so much to be proud of. Follow her blog for some inside to how her senior year goes.

Tamara: As promised she lets us in on the story to go with one of her summer photos! If you’re a runner and enjoy races you’ll love this blog. We bet this won’t be her last raced based on how much fun they seemed to be.

Makenzie: She’s back at Stan and couldn’t be happier, looking forward to a year as awesome yet difficult as the last including dorms, greek life, campus wide activities and even homework. This girl is ready for it all! She wrote a second blog for what seems like a pretty awesome event for Halloween this year called the Zombie Train! If you’re looking for some thrills this Halloween you can find more information in her blog!

Elizabeth: Police Probation Department is having an Open House! This event is open to anyone, not just Criminal Justice majors. October 3rd! For more information click on Elizabeth’s name!

Luis: This guy is quite the soccer fan and rightly so! It seems he has a new love in soccer, the new professional team of Sacramento! If you enjoy soccer you will definitely want to hear all about this team, and Luis knows his facts!

Allyn: Allyn shared with us her family trip to Lake Tulloch for Labor Day weekend. Making time for fun and making memories with those you love seems to be quite important for this blogger.

Thanks for reading our digest, you can click on any of these bloggers you are interested in to go straight to their blog. You can even subscribe to them so that you get an email any time your favorite blogger posts.


First Weekly Digest of the Semester! Sept 1-8

Welcome back everyone! I’m sure you all will find our first weekly digest very intriguing, we have some great bloggers!

Allyn: Our newest blogger, brings us into many beginnings. Not only is she beginning the semester and blogging, but she is also beginning a new life with a new husband! She shows us pictures of her wedding day and describes it with clear joy.

Luis: Celebrating his 100th post by giving thanks and showing us some of his best blogs of the past. These posts include helpful tips for college students in the classroom and the work force!

Elizabeth: Finds excitement in the Fall semester beginning, for that means the leaves changing color on campus! She also has lots of helpful tips to keep you from falling behind (she’s so punny). And as an added treat she wrote an additional blog with some added photos of the concerts she went to, completely made up of her favorite kind of music.

Carrie: Gave us  some insight into her great summer and all the great things she did. Among them was going to the S.F. Zoo, fruit picking and elephant seal watching! An active summer indeed!

Tamara: Shared some great photos as sneak peaks of her awesome summer with the promise of telling us all about them as the semester progresses. Can’t Wait! You’ll find yourself very intrigued once you take a look at her photos!

Anthony: The Art Major among our bloggers plans on touching the interest of the inner-artist in each of his readers throughout this semester. Looking forward to him sharing all his knowledge with us!

Each name is a link straight to their blogging page for you to read their blogs. We are certain that by reading through what these bloggers have to offer, you will find a favorite to keep up with. These bloggers are CSU Warriors like yourselves and hope to make connections with you all! Good luck this semester, we will get through it like all Warriors…Together!


Spring 2015 Farewell Digest

All good things must come to an end, and that includes our blogging for the semester! All of our student bloggers will be taking a break this summer, but will be back blogging before the start of the Fall 2015 semester!

Here are the last posts from our bloggers for this semester!

Anthony: With a lot to look forward to for this summer, Anthony bids us a farewell! Sharing with us some of the shows he plans to watch, as well as a few concerts he’ll be seeing this summer, he’s making sure to take advantage of this break before he heads back to school for his last year as an undergraduate!

Carrie: Carrie eats some cake. Is it real? Metaphorical? Chemistry-related? All we know is that this is her last blog of the semester, and she spills all about her summer plans! (Hint: not much is on her agenda but that’s just the way she likes it!)

Tamara: One of the hardest things about summer break is everyone going their separate ways for a few months. Tamara is going to miss her nursing cohort, as they’ve become her extended family! See you in fall to see what kind of shenanigans she gets into!

Jon: With a lot to celebrate this semester, Jon goes out with a bang for his final undergraduate semester! Between award ceremonies, bidding farewell to his fraternity as an active member, or preparing for graduation, the end of the semester is as busy as it is exciting!

Elizabeth: Not all summers are free-time and fun. Elizabeth has a full summer class schedule (three classes!) but she’s managed a few things to look forward to, like concerts and maybe a trip or two. Look forward to all the amazing photos I’m sure she’ll share with us!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the return of our bloggers in the fall! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all our updates!


Weekly Digest (February 2nd – 6th)

It’s been a very busy week on our campus! Many students are getting into their regular routines and trying to balance classes, work, and extracurricular activities. But even more than usual, this week has been extra busy for all those involved in Homecoming. From all the different activities, to free food and fun, Homecoming is a time to celebrate what being a Warrior is all about! A few of the student blogs this week reflect just that!

Anthony: And to start off this Homecoming-themed post right, Anthony blogs about some Homecoming events including the big game! Going into a little detail about each event, Anthony was sure to cover everything he could in his latest blog! GO WARRIORS!

Carrie: One of the most important (and even fun!) parts of blogging is reading other people’s blogs. It’s great to have a little list of some blogs to follow, maybe to get inspired,  learn a little about styling or formatting, and so on. Carrie shares her own personal “favorites list” with us and invites us to share our favorite blogs with her!

Tamara: Who says you can’t have pancakes for dinner? Definitely not Tamara! In her latest blog she shares a pancake recipe that foregoes the eggs or milk used in traditional recipes, but promises to be just as delicious (if not more!).

Elizabeth: if you’re really in tune with our campus, you’ll see workshops every where and all the time. Aimed at building up students to be the best they can be, Elizabeth blogs about a Resume Workshop.


Weekly Digest (January 2015)

Hello all and welcome back to another fun-filled & fantastic semester at CSU Stanislaus! If you need some refreshing (or even if you don’t) the Weekly Digest is a small collection of all our student bloggers in one single place! It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all our amazing students!

Anthony: Sometimes it’s great to get a little philosophical, especially during a philosophy class (you need those participation points right?). Anthony learns pretty quickly that It’s imperative to examine not only how you do things, but often why. Presented with “why do we go to college?” Anthony’s latest blog attempts to answer this big question!

Carrie: One of the perks of attending a university is the chance at student employment. Carrie recently snagged a job in the music department as a technician! Read all about her job (so far) in her latest blog!

Luis: Another great perk of attending a university is the great social clubs and organizations! One of these is Alpha Phi Omega (APO) that Luis is apart of. With the beggining of the semester comes recruitment, and Luis shares some of these “rush” events in his latest blog!

Tamara: Starting off the semester is never an easy thing for anybody, but especially if you’re a nursing major! Spending the next three years with the same thirty people can be interesting to say the least, but Tamara is making sure to make the most of it! “Start off the semester strong and end it with confidence.”

Jon: The Student Health Center is an amazing place to say the least. Jon blogs about all the perks (free appointments and cheap medications anyone?) and how it is often one of the most underused facilities on campus. Feeling a little under the weather, or need a vaccination or shot? The student health center is the place to go!

Elizabeth: The first day of classes can really set the tone for how the rest of the semester will go. Instilling good habits early on can make lasting impressions and greatly improve your academic professionalism. Elizabeth shares a little about her first day and gives us a list on how to have an excellent first day back!

Mackenzie: Sometimes as busy (and at times overworked) college students we need a little break from well, everything. It’s great to do nothing, and just take some much needed “me” time. Mackenzie goes into more detail on the importance of doing nothing and how she recently carved some time out of her bust life to do a whole lot of nothing!



Weekly Digest!

Back by popular demand, here is another rendition of the Weekly Digest! For those that need a refresher, this is the blog to get all the happenings (or already happened happenings?) from our student bloggers in one convenient, easy to read digest. So keep up and hold on, this is gonna be a good one!

Anthony (Nov. 12th)The End is Nigh: at least for Anthony (as well as a few of our other bloggers!). With his last semester almost here (hey, the spring semester will be here before you know it!), Anthony is taking time to be excited, as well as freak out. It’s natural to feel alarmed and anxious with such a huge milestone right around the corner! Read his blog for all the emotional-filled frenzy!

Carrie (Nov. 13th) – Carrie imparts some interview wisdom to those looking for a job. Her blog is not only packed with 8 (you read that right, EIGHT) fabulous tips for when you land that interview, but she also goes into detail on why she chose these tips. Great read for anyone that has an interview coming up!

Luis (Nov. 16th) – Luis has officially been a student blogger for two years! Thanks so much for all your hard-work and dedication Luis! In this blog he goes into detail why he originally wanted to be a student blogger, and what he’s learned along the way. Check out this great birthday blog, and if you’re interested, take a walk down memory lane (aka read his very first blog that he’s so conveniently linked!)

Tamara (Nov. 15th) – It’s finally starting to feel (and look!) a little more like autumn! In this blog, Tamara posts some fantastic pictures of our campus, and shares just some of her favorite things about fall (Starbucks drinks, anyone?).

Jon (Nov. 17th) – Jon posts about an event he recently attended that was focused on Suicide Awareness & Prevention. Between all the presentations and guest speakers, it was sure an unforgettable and  impactful event. Be sure to check this blog out for more information regarding the event and where you can still get information about mental health and resources on campus.

Elizabeth (Nov. 13th) – With the fall semester almost over, some of us are already planning our winter getaways. Elizabeth shares a great winter vacation spot that’s not too far, and is definitely one that won’t break the bank! Check this blog out if you’re looking for some great ideas for your next getaway.

Makenzie (Nov. 15th) – Who doesn’t love a good theater performance? Makenzie shares with us the latest show put on by the CSU Stanislaus theater department. A Flea in Her Ear is labeled as a hilarious and attention-keeping performance. Like this blog, the show is sure to be something you won’t want to miss!


Weekly Digest #11!

Anthony (April 26th & May 1st)

The struggle is definitely real. Most college students would love more money (most meaning all) and Anthony is on the hunt for a job. His first blog post this week is about his methods, techniques, and websites he visits to help him land a summer job. Want to know if he ends up being successful in his search? You better subscribe and get all the updates!

Anthony’s second post of the week is the start of something amazing, as he appropriately titles it. With a new comic book store open in downtown Turlock, Anthony takes full advantage and snags some comics for his collection, and definitely adds it to his list of places you must visit in Turlock. As a huge fan of comic books, is this the start of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship? Hopefully it’s not just a summer fling…

Carrie (April 26th) 

The year is already more than a quarter of the way over and Carrie has some updates on her goals for the year. Between exploring Turlock, working on raising her GPA, or getting back into crafting, Carrie makes sure to give us honest updates! But she still has plenty of time to work on reaching her goals, and the summer is the perfect time to work on all those projects (including crafting) that’s been left on the back-burner. Keep up with Carrie and all her goals. Make it YOUR goal to subscribe!

Luis (April 28th & April 30th)

Spring Break is all about relaxing and making memories, and Luis’s break was no exception. His first blog is all about APO’s sectional conference that was hosted at UC Davis. Every APO chapter participates in “roll call”, and the chapter at CSU Stanislaus  performed a very nice 1950’s themed dance. A video is included in Luis’s blog so you’ll definitely want to see him shake it and groove it to the many hits of yesteryear. Click on the link and give it a view!

And with Luis being one of our many graduating seniors at CSU Stanislaus, of course he had to make a blog celebrating (and counting down!) his time left as an undergraduate. With just less than a month to go, I’m sure we can expect plenty of blogs celebrating his time here at our beautiful and amazing campus.

Marilu (April 27th)

And the list of blogs about Frozen just keep growing. Marilu is still diggin’ this movie, and jumps at the chance to watch it whenever she can! Between watching it again and again with her little nieces, or busting out in some hit melodies from the movie, Marilu is making sure to keep Frozen on her mind, even if the weather isn’t as frosty.

Jon (April 28th) 

Some students during spring break ditch the beaches, sun, and sand and instead opt in for something a little more dusty, old, and spooky. Jon visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA and it definitely fulfilled all his history and paranormal cravings. Between the old rooms, scary stories, and legends behind the woman that built the house, it’s definitely a gem worth a visit. Read all about it and view some awesome pictures in his latest blog!