Weekly Digest Nov 12- Nov19

Hello Warriors, I’m sure you have been looking forward to the digest of our blog posts this week so I’ll get right to it!

Elizabeth: Shared with us a great website to make awesome and free info-graphics. Looking at this blog you may even learn a little about the health benefits of grapes. She shared a second blog about National Take a Hike day! On this blog she shares all of her recommended hikes with us!

Carrie: Our Chem major blogger shared with us some of her Service Learning that she participated in by doing science experiments with students at Crowell Elementary.

Anthony: Shared with us about a one night event where the Bachelor of Fine Arts students got to show some of their art. Subscribe to follow Anthony’s blog to get immediate updates on when events like these will happen!

Luis: Luis attended the Science Festival that was held at the AT&T Park in San Francisco. This event was free and he got to sit in the dug out seats! Read his blog to learn all about what this event was like!

Tamara: Signing up for classes can be stressful. Do you know the order in which you get assigned your registration date? Share with Tamara some of the classes that you have taken and loved and some that you are trying to take this semester.

Allyn: Have you heard of the Spartan Race? It’s a race of 5.1 miles that includes up to 23 obstacles. Our blogger Allyn ran it with her family, read her blog to find out what it’s all about.  She shared a second blog about Developmentally appropriate toys and activities for Infants and Toddlers that she learned about in her Child Development classes.

Makenzie: Do you spend any time in the Sacramento area? Do you like ice cream? Do you like doughnuts? Our blogger Makenzie has a place for you to check out to get all of the deliciousness you so desire! Read her blog to find out more!

Have a great weekend everybody and enjoy our blogs!


Weekly Digest October 30th-Nov 6th

Welcome Warriors, Welcome November and Welcome Cold Weather! It’s another Weekly Digest of what our CSUSTAN bloggers are sharing with all of you this week!

Makenzie: Shared a blog with some great DIY Halloween Costumes! she listed three DIY costumes: Rosie the Riveter, A Minion, and a Starbucks Coffee Cup! Read her blog for ideas, or share with her your own!

Tamara: This blogger is continuing her promise to share with us all that she did this summer. If you’re  fan of the New York Yankee’s then you’ll really appreciate this blog post!

Allyn: She shared with us her quick, simple and cheap Halloween costumes that she and her husband put together this year. Couple Costumes for the win!

Elizabeth: Do you have an iphone? How about the iphone 6 plus?! This blogger recently got the iphone 6 plus and shared with us her opinion of the top 6 must have apps! The last one on the list is a personal favorite of all of us bloggers!

Luis: Shared a great blog with information about the website LinkedIn. Have you ever heard of it? This is a website for businesses and people in the work force. Luis shares the benefits of making yourself a profile on this website. Read all about it, especially if you are looking for a job yourself or want to market your own business.

Carrie: Ever heard of the card game Exploding Kittens?! Our blogger Carrie discovered this game and shared with us her experience playing the game, even the link to a video of how the game is played. If you read and watch, you just might find that you want to try this game as well!

Anthony: Blogger Anthony shared with us a list of 31 Halloween flicks to watch, its never too late or too early to watch a scary movie and this is a list of some classics!

Thanks for reading our digest this week, hope you found something that peaks your interest! Comments are welcome on these blogs, we love to converse with our fellow Warriors!


Weekly Digest Oct 24th- Oct30th!

Hello Warriors! This week we have lots of blogs for you to read!

Anthony: Blog 1) He is looking for some helpful opinions on some school and work decisions, help him out by commenting on his blog! Blog 2)He attended a Halloween Party, check out his costume!

Carrie: Blog 1) Our Chem major blogger, contrary to last weeks blog, found her love for science again volunteering with kids on Science Saturday! She shared some pictures of that day as well, check them out! Blog 2) Carrie is getting in the Halloween spirit by sharing with us some great Halloween events going on tomorrow! If you’re not sure what you want to do tomorrow then be sure to read her blog for some ideas!

Luis: Blog 1)Luis shared with us his top 5 favorite Goose Bump Books. Do any of you remember reading these books?! So great! Blog 2) Luis shared with us his experience working the bloggers booth on preview day and shared a link for any of you that are interested in blogging for CSUStan yourselves!

Tamara: Blog 1) Tamara is planning to study abroad in Equador! Check out the amazing pics and see if maybe this sounds right to you! Blog 2) Tamara has volunteered to pass out candy to kids from the city at the campus dorms. Did you know you could do that?! If you live in the dorms you may be able to do the same.

Makenzie: A helpful blog about goal setting and dealing with not quite meeting them this semester. Some good tips on accepting that it’s okay :)!

Elizabeth: Blogger Elizabeth shared with us some fun Halloween fun facts in her blog! Check it out for some great conversation starters for Tomorrow Night!

Allyn: Blogger Allyn shared with us her weekend get-away with her husband camping at Steelhead Lake. Check out the beautiful pics, all just a 2 hour drive away!

Thanks for reading Warriors, and Be Safe this weekend! We wish you a Happy Halloween!!!!!!



Weekly Digest Oct 15th-22nd

Hey everybody we have some great blog digests this week!

Anthony: Shared with us some of his graphic design work and new accomplishment in this line of work! He was offered a gig doing artwork for a nearby theatre!

Carrie: Really relating to the stress of being a college upper division chem. student. Along with a reminder that it will all be worth it!

Tamara: Shares with us the fun of simulations for the nursing department! Read all about it!

Makenzie: In Greek life you are given a “Big” and “Little”. The sorority  Phi Mu revealed their Big/Little. Makenzie thinks of this as one of her favorite times of the year!

Elizabeth: This blogger is having the dilema of deciding between the Iphone 6Plus and the Galaxy Note 5! Help her out with your opinion!

Allyn: This blogger shares her appreciation for the great people around her that helped her take the CSET.

Thanks for your time and be sure to share your thoughts and opinions with all of our bloggers!


Preview Day

12088591_1018000434907226_8415450055622780915_n  12141675_1018000441573892_5795887034553355919_n

Hello Warriors! This last Saturday we had a Bloggers Booth and the Stanislaus Preview Day and it was a success! 

We shared with potential new students all about what we share with our fellow warriors such a helpful tips for school, events happening on campus or in the community, or simply the life of a college student to relate too. We love the opportunity to share our lives with all of you and help in any way we can. If any of you are interested in being a volunteer Blogger, contact the Admissions and Outreach office!

A fun added bonus to our preview day was that we held a TREASURE HUNT! The treasure hunt clues were all given through out Instagram @csustanoutreach. A picture of the what they were looking for (the treasure), a picture of a map of the campus, and a picture of a riddle written with 6 hidden clues within. It was a tough hunt, we were worried that no one would find it…BUT the last 15 minutes before the day had to come to an end, over the grassy hill we saw someone carrying a bright red ball from the direction we hid the treasure, and sure enough we had a WINNER! They collected their prize and were thrilled with their treasure of $20 in gold coins and some Stan State paraphernalia.

Like we said, Preview Day was a success :).


Weekly Digest Oct 9th-15th!

Welcome Back to our Blogger Weekly Digest Warriors! Hope you enjoyed our Tuesday Off!

Tamara: She blogged about movies this week. She recently saw The Intern and is wondering what one of your favorites are!

Makenzie: Our favorite Greek Blogger (only Greek Blogger) blogged about the Greek Games that were held on campus last week to raise money for special causes!

Elizabeth: This fine blogger shared with us a Grad School checklist! For all of you beginning the Grad School process and don’t know where to begin, this is the blog for you!

Allyn: This blogger went to watch a play for a homework assignment in one of her classes at the Gallo Theatre in Modest0; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! Read how this newly married blogger balances her school, work, and new marital status.

Luis: If you prefer to read your blogs in Spanish than Luis is our blogger for you! He periodically posts blogs in either English or Spanish, always useful and pleasurable reading :).

Thanks for reading our digest,we hope you find something that peaks your interest!


Weekly Digest Oct 1st- Oct 8th

Hello Warriors and welcome back to our student blogger’s Weekly Digest!

Anthony: Keeping us up on campus events, our blogger Anthony tells us about a “Warrior’s Up At Night” event happening TOMORROW Oct 9th. Details are in his blog as well as his own personal experience at one of these events.

Carrie: Our Blogger Carrie celebrated her birthday yesterday on Oct 7th! So she shared with us 24 things about herself! Be sure to comment some love and tell her Happy Birthday!

Tamara: Continuing with her promise to tell us all about her summer, she gave us some insight verbally and visually about her trip to Washington D.C. Beautiful pictures and plenty of detail :).

Makenzie: Poses a difficult decision between Starbuck’s beverages and she wants to know what you would choose! The Pumpkin Spice or the Salted Caramel Mocha?

Luis: Our blogger Luis offers two blogs. His first has some helpful presentation tips for our fellow students and his second one is letting everyone know that he has added two new categories to his blog: Community and Resources. Click on his link and read about what that all entails.

Allyn: This blogger shares her antiquing experience at the Alameda Antique Fair and shares some antique spots here in Turlock as well as Turlock Flea Market information!

Elizabeth: Elizabeth shares with us a delicious new blog that includes a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake! Click on the link to learn to make your own this holiday season!

Thanks for catching up with us and we’re looking forward to your comments and inquires. See you next week!


Weekly Digest Sept 16-30th

Hello Warriors! A perfect little sprinkle of rain to go with our over cast day. The perfect weather to kick back and read a few of our blogs!

Anthony: Our artist blogger is telling us all about an upcoming event this Oct 2nd where the NAACP will be hosting a fine art gala at the Clarion where the CSUS art club will be selling their art between 6-8pm. Help put local artists on the map!  Also Thursday Oct 8th there will be a reception held at the art gala on Main street for Rachel Clarke and Carla Bengston! Click on the link to learn more!

Carrie: This senior blogger went to her first soccer game! Some interesting information is that students can attend for FREE. Go support your Warriors!

Tamara: She shared some of her favorite recipes. She shared the recipe for and Avocado Pasta and a Tofu Curry! Including photos and the feeling that you must try these recipes!

Elizabeth: Blogged about some wonderful tips for water conservation, something so important for those of use living and going to school in California.

Luis: Our blogger Luis is always ready to help out his fellow students. If you are on your computer tonight because you are struggling with your notes for studying, then click on this link! Luis has shared some awesome note taking tips!

Allyn: Our newest blogger is enjoying her new married status and living through the her first holidays in her own home. Looking for some home decor inpiration?! Check out her blog!

Thank you all for reading this weeks digest!  Be sure to have some hot chocolate while you read and enjoy the weather!


Weekly Digest Sept 16th-22nd

Welcome all you Warriors who are looking for some student bloggers to connect with this semester! We have a great group of bloggers who love to share their lives and knowledge with you!

Anthony: Shared with us about an event that was coming up last week, “Warriors Explore Downtown”, and some special information about an open mic night at Cafe La Mo! Anthony also wrote a second blog for us about an artist and professor that he looks up to who has some of his work showing at the University Art Gallery which also happens to be Downtown Turlock! A great read!

Carrie: Do you love pancakes?! Well Blogger Carrie does and she has shared with us a quick and easy pancake recipe that you won’t be able to resist trying!

Tamara: Is Fall your favorite season? Our Blogger Tamara loves it too. Are you new to the central valley, or even just Turlock and it’s weather conditions? Blogger Tamara was too and has some wisdom to share with you!

Makenzie: Our Stanislaus Greek Blogger was joyfully able to participate in Bid Day and gaining some new sisters! If you are interested in joining a sorority or fraternity it may not be too late!

Allyn: This blogger attended the Dancing with the Turlock Stars fundraiser this last weekend, looked like a great way to raise money for some great causes! Blogger Allyn hopes to be able to inform us of local events throughout the semester, look out!

Elizabeth: National Elephant Day has passed and on that day our Blogger Elizabeth shared some great fun facts about elephants! You may even find that some things you thought you knew about elephants are in fact wrong!

Thanks for reading our digest! I hope you found something to read that is to your liking! Happy Wednesday Warriors!


Weekly Digest Sep.9-15

Another great week at Stanislaus, how about that bit of rain?! This past week we’ve got some great blogs written from our bloggers!

Carrie: Welcomes her senior year and all of its stresses. She’s come so far and has so much to be proud of. Follow her blog for some inside to how her senior year goes.

Tamara: As promised she lets us in on the story to go with one of her summer photos! If you’re a runner and enjoy races you’ll love this blog. We bet this won’t be her last raced based on how much fun they seemed to be.

Makenzie: She’s back at Stan and couldn’t be happier, looking forward to a year as awesome yet difficult as the last including dorms, greek life, campus wide activities and even homework. This girl is ready for it all! She wrote a second blog for what seems like a pretty awesome event for Halloween this year called the Zombie Train! If you’re looking for some thrills this Halloween you can find more information in her blog!

Elizabeth: Police Probation Department is having an Open House! This event is open to anyone, not just Criminal Justice majors. October 3rd! For more information click on Elizabeth’s name!

Luis: This guy is quite the soccer fan and rightly so! It seems he has a new love in soccer, the new professional team of Sacramento! If you enjoy soccer you will definitely want to hear all about this team, and Luis knows his facts!

Allyn: Allyn shared with us her family trip to Lake Tulloch for Labor Day weekend. Making time for fun and making memories with those you love seems to be quite important for this blogger.

Thanks for reading our digest, you can click on any of these bloggers you are interested in to go straight to their blog. You can even subscribe to them so that you get an email any time your favorite blogger posts.