Weekly Digest (January 2015)

Hello all and welcome back to another fun-filled & fantastic semester at CSU Stanislaus! If you need some refreshing (or even if you don’t) the Weekly Digest is a small collection of all our student bloggers in one single place! It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all our amazing students!

Anthony: Sometimes it’s great to get a little philosophical, especially during a philosophy class (you need those participation points right?). Anthony learns pretty quickly that It’s imperative to examine not only how you do things, but often why. Presented with “why do we go to college?” Anthony’s latest blog attempts to answer this big question!

Carrie: One of the perks of attending a university is the chance at student employment. Carrie recently snagged a job in the music department as a technician! Read all about her job (so far) in her latest blog!

Luis: Another great perk of attending a university is the great social clubs and organizations! One of these is Alpha Phi Omega (APO) that Luis is apart of. With the beggining of the semester comes recruitment, and Luis shares some of these “rush” events in his latest blog!

Tamara: Starting off the semester is never an easy thing for anybody, but especially if you’re a nursing major! Spending the next three years with the same thirty people can be interesting to say the least, but Tamara is making sure to make the most of it! “Start off the semester strong and end it with confidence.”

Jon: The Student Health Center is an amazing place to say the least. Jon blogs about all the perks (free appointments and cheap medications anyone?) and how it is often one of the most underused facilities on campus. Feeling a little under the weather, or need a vaccination or shot? The student health center is the place to go!

Elizabeth: The first day of classes can really set the tone for how the rest of the semester will go. Instilling good habits early on can make lasting impressions and greatly improve your academic professionalism. Elizabeth shares a little about her first day and gives us a list on how to have an excellent first day back!

Mackenzie: Sometimes as busy (and at times overworked) college students we need a little break from well, everything. It’s great to do nothing, and just take some much needed “me” time. Mackenzie goes into more detail on the importance of doing nothing and how she recently carved some time out of her bust life to do a whole lot of nothing!


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