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Welcome back future and current Warriors to the Our Stan State Blog Page!

This semester we have lost some bloggers, stayed with some current bloggers, and gained new bloggers! We would like to introduce you to our three new bloggers: Manny, Priyanka, and Reginald. They are three amazing students who attend Stan State and will share their experiences of college life.

Here are the new blogs we have so far!

Priyanka’s Blog:

  • Transitioning into Turlock: Our blogger Priyanka is new to the Central Valley. As intimidating moving to a new place can be, she shares with us how she is adjusting and cannot wait to share her journey!

Manny’s Blog:

  • On the Road to the Ph.D.: Manny is another one of our new bloggers, he is currently in the M.S.W. program at Stanislaus State, but it does not stop there! He is also applying for Ph.D. programs, make sure to check out his blogs to get an inside scoop on what it’s like to be in a masters program while getting ready for a doctoral program.

Margie’s Blog:

  • New Blog, New Me, Jk: This is Margie’s last semester blogging with us! Even though it is her last she is going to make it her best by letting us know what she will be dedicating her blog this semester!


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