Weekly Digest #2

Here is your Weekly Digest #2!

Anthony (February 21st) – Anthony discusses two brand new podcasts he has been listening to since his first post about podcasts in December (which can be found here), and how they have become apart of his regular routine. Night Vale is a fictional podcast about a town full of the strange and weird. TEDTalks are more about intellectual discussions and spreading ideas of technology, entertainment, and design. If you’re a lover of the weird, the scientific, or a healthy dose of both, you’ll surely love this blog.

Carrie (February 22nd) – Carrie isn’t much for hockey, but she gave this icy sport a shot at a Stockton Thunder game. Given that this was a Star Wars themed night, and Carrie happens to be a huge Star Wars fan, she had more than enough fun and took some awesome pictures too! If you’re a sports lover, or a lover of Star Wars, this blog fits right into your constellation.

Luis (February 21st) – Science Day! If you follow our Twitter or Facebook, you know we’re a huge fan of Science Day! This fun and exciting day would not have been possible if it wasn’t for amazing volunteers like Luis. How about you give his blog a read and learn about the specific event he volunteered for and how Science Day overall was a huge success? There’s even a picture of a tortoise! You can’t beat that.

Marilu (February 23rd) – Whether they’re a chapter you can drive to in a few hours, or one across state lines, the bonds you make in a fraternity or sorority are lifelong and strong. Marilu and her sorority demonstrate this to the fullest when a sister from a neighboring chapter is taken much too soon. Read her blog to learn about this tragic loss and you can help donate.

Jon (February 26th) – Being sick is never fun! But Jon spins an epic tale as old as time itself: man vs. illness. Will Jon prevail with his “traditional” methods (basically hot tea and sleep) or does he need the helping hand of a medical professional? You’ll have to dive right into the story and follow along to find out!

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