Weekly Digest 9 & 10!

This weekly digest is going to include blog posts from last week and this week, since you know…there wasn’t a digest last week (whoops). Just consider this a two-for-one special. Always look on the bright side!

As always, the red links are to the full blog post if something is really catching your eye and you’re just dying to read every single word of the original blog. Give them a read, and some feedback.

Anthony (April 18th)

The Student Rec Center (SRC) is one of Anthony’s favorite places to get a good workout and relieve some stress. With his recent move to an apartment closer to campus, he is making sure to take full advantage of all the gym has to offer. His latest blog post includes a pretty cool picture of the outside of the gym, operating hours, and a map for those not too familiar with the campus layout. Need a mental workout? Read Anthony’s blog and come back and finish this digest! I’d say that will get you pretty mentally pumped for the day!

Carrie (April 12th & April 19th)

“If You Were In My Shoes” is a social awareness campaign hosted by Code Red Entertainment in partnership with Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). This campaign focuses on giving insight into other students’ lives, a kind of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” of sorts. It’s a powerful and touching video; just one that Carrie had to share. Give the video a watch (you can find it in her blog). Was it as touching for you as it was for her? Let her know your thoughts!

Carrie’s second blog is, once again, a event hosted by Housing and Residential Life: “Bring Your Own Anything…and Tie-Dye It!”. After finding some great deals on a few shirts, she made sure to dye her shirt the way she wanted (as best as she could with the color mix-up, of course). With a blog full of some cool photos of her finished work, be sure to check out her wearable art!

Luis (April 18th)

Student representatives are just that: representatives of the students’ needs, concerns, and most importantly the active voice of the student population. ASI Elections are equally important because these are the individuals chosen and elected to express and reflect the student body as a whole. With rising costs of parking permits this upcoming summer and fall, Luis gives advice on what YOU can do as a student to express your concerns (hint: don’t be silent!). Read his blog to learn more!

Marilu (April 14th & April 24th)

Instagram is a popular way to not only stay in touch with your friends and family via picture updates, but also a great way to follow those that inspire and empower you. One way Marilu has embraced this trend is by following accounts that have a heavy focus on eating healthy on a budget. There is nothing greater than feeling your best and having a little spare money to go along with it.

And with the end of Spring Break nearly in sight, come share in all that Marilu’s done…and may still have to do! Spring Break doesn’t mean the world stops moving. There’s work to be done!

Jon (April 21st) 

This all encompassing blog is a huge update on the past few weeks. Between seeing Kate Nash in Visalia for a small venue show and the now almost over Spring Break, head over to this blog to read about the concert and Jon’s Spring Break plans! Did he end up finishing all that he had on his to-do list? You’ll have to keep up to find out!

Sintya (April 16th & April 24th) 

Someone was looking forward to this break! Sintya’s first blog post was all about waiting for the break, and now that it’s here, she doesn’t have enough time to do everything that she wants! Sintya is always a hardworker, and the break doesn’t stop her from getting as much work done as she can! What does she have planned for the last few days? You’ll have to head over to her blog and read to find out.

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