Weekly Digest #8

I’ve slaved over a hot keyboard for these updates! I’m just joking (my cubicle is actually pretty chilly), and writing is a passion and I seriously love blogging, as do our student bloggers! But what we love even more is feedback and dialogue from our readers! Engage us! We want to hear from YOU! (Yes YOU reading this. Not him. Or her. They’re nice, but they’re not YOU.) Leave a comment, maybe?

Anthony (April 4th & April 11th) – Everyone’s a critic. Especially when it comes to movies, we all have our fair share of opinions on the latest blockbuster hits. Two blog posts back to back show Anthony’s devoted some time to watching and giving us a little insight on some high profile films. The first movie he reviews is Frozen (a little behind, but definitely still relevant!) and then blogs about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is still in theaters. With these spoiler-free reviews, maybe you’ll learn a thing or too and have a chance to share your opinion!

Carrie (April 5th) – Community: it’s one of the things The Village (the dorms at CSU Stanislaus) really pride themselves on. While they do many activities and events to help foster this sense of belonging and connection, it’s often the residents themselves that bring the most to where they live. One creative, expressive, and lively way residents do this is through chalkboard messages on doors. Full of fun pictures of chalkboard message far more more creative than even I could think of, this blog won’t disappoint!

Luis (April 10th) – Here’s that APO update we’ve been waiting for! Luis finally reveals his little, and gushes about how proud he is of her, especially her accomplishes for Relay for Life (she brought in some good cash-money!). The custom shirts in this blog might be one of the cutest of a big and little pairing I have ever seen, but maybe you’ll have to read the blog and come to your own conclusions!

Marilu (April 7th) – Elections: they’re an important part of any democratic system, including those student leaders who serve our campus. More importantly, campus leaders mean YOUR student voice, which means candidates need YOUR student votes! Just right around the corner (April 28th – April 29th to be exact) voting will take place in the Warrior Activities Center. Marilu knows who she is voting for! Do you? If not, get informed and make your vote count!

Jon (April 9th) – A three part blog means three times the fun! With some great Relay for Life updates (including total amount of money raised for the entire event) and some fun Warrior Wednesdays activities, goodies, and info; this blog has it all! Sprinkle a little birthday fun into this blog, and you have the makings of an almost-perfect blog, but that maybe slightly biased. Read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions!

Sintya (April 7th) – One of the best things about college is getting to make your own schedule. Having classes on your time really sets you up for success. Morning, afternoon, or evening classes leaves you with a lot of choices, and some schedules work better depending on your own life. When does Sintya like to have classes (hint: it’s not mornings)? Read her blog and find out!

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