Weekly Digest #7!

As always, the end of the week is the perfect time to wind down and catch up on the latest from our student bloggers. Here’s some small blurbs about their latest posts, so you can pick and choose who you want to read a little more from!

If you’re seriously diggin’ a blogger, do them a huge favor and subscribe to them personally, or just subscribe to this blog and follow all the updates weekly!

And, while it’s still fresh, new, and exciting, take a look at our very first Guest Blog: Warrior Pride! by CSU Stan’s ASI President, Mariam Salameh. She did an amazing job and we seriously love the blog!

Anthony (March 28th) – Anthony changes it up a tad from his previous posts about his apartment adventures, and throws in a blog about street art, including graffiti and other types. Want to know his opinions on it as an art major, or who some of his favorite street artists are? I’m just gonna say this: you’ll have to read his blog! I’m not spoiling it!

Carrie (March 29th) – Sometimes we all need a little help. Some get it from friends, family, mentors, or peers. Others get it from a….survival kit? Surely you’ll want to know a little more about all the things Carrie has included in her kit! Some are zany, and other items are cute and creative! After reading her blog, you’ll surely want to make one of your own!

Luis (April 1st) – Nothing is better than being happy. Seriously. Nothing. And reliving (or experiencing!) those great happy moments make for some awesome blogging! #100HappyDays is a trend right now, and Luis has jumped fully on board to share with us some happiness from his life. Give this blog a read. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did so.

Marilu (March 30th) – Cultural expression and art combine to “promote political and social awareness in a humorous way”. Poetry, spoken word, and theater all are amazing ways to self-express and have fun while doing so. Marilu is involved in a few skits during this night of fun, and definitely shouldn’t miss it! For more information on “Flor y Canto”, check out her blog! The flyer with all the info is there!

Jon (April 3rd) – Relay for Life is this weekend, April 5th – April 6th! In a pre-event blog, full of basic info and some team specifics, Jon shares some of his excitement about one of the biggest service events of the year! Keep track of this blog, and for a post-event blog just a few short days after the event with some pictures and favorite memories! Definitely not one you want to miss!

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