Weekly Digest

Hey Warriors!

It feels like the semester is coming to an end, but it is not over yet and our bloggers have had so much blog about! Check out what they have been doing during their semester in the blog posts below:

Sara’s Blog:

  • Happy National Sibling Day: Sara gives us an insight into her life and her siblings, check out her blog to see what Sara says about her siblings.

Andrew’s Blog:

  • Double Whammy Part 1: Another weekend, another car show for Andrew! Our blogger gives us an insight into different types of car shows and shares with us his experiences!!

Komalpreet’s Blog:

  • List of MY Favorite K-Dramas: Do you know what a K-Drama is? If not head over to Preet’s blog to get a glimpse of what it is and what her favorite K-Dramas are!

Shadi’s Blog:

  • Officially Signed!: Our blogger Shadi has just signed onto a new teaching job! Click on his blog link for more details.

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