Weekly Digest Oct. 22nd – 28th

Hello everyone! It is time for another weekly digest, make sure to check out the new blogs from last week!!!

Sara’s Blog

The Major Experience: Ever wonder what it is like to be a Finance major? Check out Sara’s blog series “The Major Experience” to get student insights of what it is like to be in a certain major.

Margie’s Blog

Pumpkin Patchinnn: It is Fall season and pumpkin patches are open! In this blog you will be able to see what pumpkin patches are around the area and what what attractions they have.

Shadi’s Blog

Becoming a Teacher….the Hard Way: Being a teacher can be tough at times, especially when you have high school students who don’t want to listen. Click on Shadi’s blog to read more about this situation and how he still find it rewarding.

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