Weekly Digest: October 1st-7th

What’s up Warriors!

It is finally October!!! The weather is finally starting to change in the Central Valley and the tress are going to start changing color any time now. It is safe to say it is officially starting to feel like Fall. Make sure to check out our Stan State blog each week for weekly posts and updates our bloggers have this Fall!

Sara’s Blog:

The Major Experience: Kinesiology: Our blogger Sara will be continueing her blogging series “The Major Experience,” where she interviews Stan State students about thier major and how they like it. This week the major is Kinesiology!

Margie’s Blog:

It’s October 3rd: If you already know what this blog is about just by reading the title you won’t want to miss out on this “grool” blog. Check out Margie’s blog to see what is one of her favorite holidays!!


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