Weekly Digest: March 5th-11th


If you are a music lover then you are just in luck for this Weekly Digest. This week for our Weekly Digest we created a Music theme! Now you will be able to know who our bloggers like to listen to, what genres are their favorite, and what songs they add to their playlists.


Sara’s Blog:

My Playlist for Spring 2018: Sara has got a new car that comes with Bluetooth and she is so excited that she can play what ever kind of music she desires now. She shares with us what songs are in her playlist! Make sure to check out her blog to know what songs Sara listens to.

Margie’s Blog:

Favorite Artists: Some of us change our top artists every year, depending on the music that is released, and others just keep their top artists the same. Check out Margie’s blog to know what kind of person she is when it comes to changing up her favorite top artists.

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