Weekly Digest: October 23rd-29th

This week our bloggers have been able to take a part in Fall festivities and they have blogged about their experiences. Make sure to check out their spootacular blogs

Tamara’s Blog:

  •   This is Halloween: Tamara is a resident at Stan State Housing, each year housing hosts their annual dorm trick or treat event for the children in the community. For more information about the event held on Halloween day make sure to check out her blog.

Margie’s Blog:

  • Pumpkin Patch: October is the month of pumpkin season, meaning there are many pumpkin patches to pick out pumpkins. This year Margie blogs about how she decided to go to Hunter Farms to pick out her pumpkin and really enjoyed what Hunter Farms had in their farm.

Sara’s Blog:

  • The Major Experience: Computer Science: Sara continues her blog series interviewing students on campus about their major and why they chose that major. This blog is about the Computer Science major, check out her blog to learn more about the major and personal input on the major by a Stan State student.


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