Weekly Digest: October 9th-14th

This week we have different blogs with different topics! From food to campus events. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Margie’s Blog:

  • Stan State Open House: Have you heard about the annual event Stan State Admissions & Outreach holds for incoming freshman? If not this would be the perfect blog post to read about. Learn more about the event to see if you know anyone interested in attending.

Tamara’s Blog:

  • Prep in Advance: Tamara is a busy nursing student and in order for her to have a delicious meal she needs to prep in advance to have time to cook. Read her blog on what yummy meal she made!

Sara’s Blog:

  • The Major Experience: Sara continues her blog series and for this one she interviews a Chemistry Major student. Check out her blog to learn more about the major 🙂


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