Weekly Digest: May 15th-May 21st

Welcome back to a new Weekly Digest by our student bloggers at Stan State. This week’s blogs are all about the stress of Finals Week and the excitement for Graduation!! Check out the blog posts down below 🙂

Margie’s Blog:

  • Finals Week Memes: This blog post is about how Finals Week can be super stressful, but there are little things (such as memes) that can make finals less stressful if you have something to laugh at.

Alexa’s Blog:

  • 2017 Warriors: Luis has started a new category in her blog called “2017 Warriors,” in which he will be interviewing students who are a part of the 2017 Stan State Class! Alexa, one of our bloggers, is the first student he will be interviewing since she will be graduating with the Class of 2017. Congrats Alexa! Make sure to check out Luis’s first 2017 Graduate interview 🙂

Luis’s Blog:

  • Commencement 2017: Luis gives his incite on the commencement ceremonies at Stan State and announces the different dates and times of each ceremony. And big congratulations to Luis for graduating for the second time from Stan State! #StanGrad

Tamara’s Blog:

  • Just a Week to Go: Tamara shares her excitement on how quickly the Spring Semester went by for her and the stress of Finals Week by sharing her favorite memes. She also blogs about how she is so excited to be graduating with the Class of 2017 this spring. Congrats Tamara!


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