Weekly Digest: April 17th-23rd

Here is our Weekly Digest for the week!

Alexa’s Stan State Blog:

  • Avoiding Negativity: This blog talks about different ways to avoid negativity and keeping a positive attitude towards negative people. A great read to put a smile on your face and keeping you positive!


Tamara’s CSU Stan Blog:

  • Feeling Stressed?: Tamara talks about how college can be stressful, especially towards the end of the semester and finals coming up. She gives her insight on how she destresses by doing certain activities, and hopefully it can help others destress too.

Margie’s CSU Stan Blog:

  • New Restaurants Coming to Turlock: This blog is about three new restaurants coming to Turlock, CA. A new burger place, a pizzeria, and a new Mexican food place all coming soon to the 209. More details about the three places on the blog!

Sara’s Stan State Scoop:

  • Cool Summer Time Event: Do you like country music? Well Sara’s blog is perfect if you do. She talks about the LAC Concert that is going to be held this summer in the Turlock Fairgrounds. The concert this year will include Parmalee, Bailey Bryan, and much more!

Kaylee’s Life as a CSU Stan Warrior:

  • Dorm Life-Campus on the Weekend: Kaylee blogs about her experiences on the weekends at Stan State and what she likes/dislikes about the weekends on campus.

Luis’ Words from a Warrior:

  • Feedback on Exams and Projects: Luis blogs about useful feedback on assignments/tests in order for students to learn from their mistakes and improve on future assignments.

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