Our Blogs Giveaway

Good afternoon everybody! Preview Day is tomorrow and to celebrate our annual event, we are announcing a giveaway that will take part in our three blogs! (Luis’s blog, Tamara’s blog, and Our Stan State blog). See below for all the details on this giveaway! 🙂

  • Prizes: 
    • Stan State shirt,
    • a Stan State pennant
    • and a Warriors wristband!
      One lucky winner will receive these three prizes! :)



  • How to Enter:
    • You can enter the giveaway by simply leaving a comment (or comments) on any of our blogs (Luis’s blog, Tamara’s blog, and Our Stan State blog)! :) Each comment* that you leave on any of the blogs (it can be any of the blog posts and does not have to be this post in particular) will provide you with an entry and you can obtain up to four entries (total)! (Only comments posted from October 21st-November 1st, 2016, count towards the giveaway entries.)Make sure to include your e-mail on the given field so that we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!


  • Giveaway ended on:
    • Tuesday,  November 1st  at 11:59PM (Pacific Time).
  • Winner announcement:
  • Good luck to all participants! :)

  • Winner of the giveaway:

    Andy! Congratulations Andy!!!

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