Weekly Digest: May 27th-June 2nd

Good morning everyone, here is your last weekly digest for the semester! 🙂

  • Anthony:
    Anthony looks back at some of the blogs that he has written and also writes his farewell post as he has graduated this semester!
  • Carrie:
    Carrie talks about a graduate cap design contest that ASI had and also writes her farewell post as she has graduated this semester as well! 
  • Luis:
    Luis writes a review about a local bbq sandwich shop near campus and a post congratulating the Class of 2016!
  • Tamara:
    Tamara talks about moving out of the dorms and provides tips on moving out of your dorm/apartment.

Congratulations to our student bloggers, Anthony and Carrie, who have just graduated! Thank you for sharing so many blog posts and being a part of the student blogger project for many years! 🙂

Thank you for checking out our last weekly digest for the Spring 2016 semester! Our bloggers will be taking a break from their blogs and will be returning in the Fall! :) Have a great summer everyone! 

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