Weekly Digest Feb 12th-Feb 18th

Hello everyone, here is your weekly digest for the third week of February! :)

  • Anthony:
    Anthony is taking an internship class in which he has to accomplish a certain amount of internship hours and he shares with everyone pictures of two art shows that he’s helped set up!
  • Carrie:
    Carrie shares a recipe for some delicious “7-layer” cookies! Also did you know that CSU Stanislaus has an annual day dedicated to science called “Science Day”? Carrie was able to participate in this event for the first time and shares pictures of the exhibition she was in charge of.
  • Luis:
    Are you a Business major? Or do you know someone who is? Then you’ll want to share with them, Luis’s latest blog post which is about an annual business-major job fair called “Meet the Firms Night”.
  • Tamara:
    Tamara continues to share pictures of her travel to Ecuador, this time she shares a lot of pictures of her visit to “Isla de la Plata” (Platinum Island)!

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