Weekly Digest Nov.20-Dec.4

Happy Holidays Warriors! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Carrie: 1)Project Giving Tree: To help bring some joy to some children this year read Carries blog on the subject. 2) Feel the need to hear some beautiful choral music this holiday season? Our Stan State choir will be performing for Carol Fest Dec 6th at Snider Recital Hall. For more details click on the link to Carrie’s blog where you will find a 3rd blog post encouraging you all to not give up during finals!

Makenzie: 1) Makenzie has shared with us the steps to a Miracle Morning Routine, read about how to get your day started. 2) Any Freshmen looking for some wisdom on getting through college? Read this blog post! 3) Ever heard of stress relieving coloring books? Need to relieve some stress? I’d definitely give this a read!

Tamara: 1) For those of you curious about school events, Tamara has written a blog post with some great insight. 2)Have any special Black Friday Memories? Share some of yours with Tamara! 3)Tamara has shared with us a new book series that she has been enjoying and wants to know if you have any good pleasure reading books to share!

Anthony: 1) A big congratulations to Anthony on his new Job promotion at Apple! 2)Read all about Anthony’s strive for traditions this holiday season from drinking hot chocolate to home decor! 3) A third post following up with his holiday traditions has some pictures of his holiday decorating.

Allyn: 1) This holiday season some of Allyn’s family could not be with her and her husband for Thanksgiving because they live out of state, something many Stan students can connect with. 2) A Thanksgiving tradition she has shared with us is one of volunteer work, read all about it!

Elizabeth: 1) Elizabeth shared some great picture of the delicious meals she made and enjoyed this Thanksgiving with her family. 2)Elizabeth is beginning a mentoring project! Click on her link to find out more!

Luis: XBOX One! A Black Friday special that you have got to read about!

So many blogs to read, so little time with finals! We have this digest so you can easily decide which blog posts you want to read. Good luck in your  finals preparation and enjoy reading our blogs!

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