Weekly Digest October 30th-Nov 6th

Welcome Warriors, Welcome November and Welcome Cold Weather! It’s another Weekly Digest of what our CSUSTAN bloggers are sharing with all of you this week!

Makenzie: Shared a blog with some great DIY Halloween Costumes! she listed three DIY costumes: Rosie the Riveter, A Minion, and a Starbucks Coffee Cup! Read her blog for ideas, or share with her your own!

Tamara: This blogger is continuing her promise to share with us all that she did this summer. If you’re  fan of the New York Yankee’s then you’ll really appreciate this blog post!

Allyn: She shared with us her quick, simple and cheap Halloween costumes that she and her husband put together this year. Couple Costumes for the win!

Elizabeth: Do you have an iphone? How about the iphone 6 plus?! This blogger recently got the iphone 6 plus and shared with us her opinion of the top 6 must have apps! The last one on the list is a personal favorite of all of us bloggers!

Luis: Shared a great blog with information about the website LinkedIn. Have you ever heard of it? This is a website for businesses and people in the work force. Luis shares the benefits of making yourself a profile on this website. Read all about it, especially if you are looking for a job yourself or want to market your own business.

Carrie: Ever heard of the card game Exploding Kittens?! Our blogger Carrie discovered this game and shared with us her experience playing the game, even the link to a video of how the game is played. If you read and watch, you just might find that you want to try this game as well!

Anthony: Blogger Anthony shared with us a list of 31 Halloween flicks to watch, its never too late or too early to watch a scary movie and this is a list of some classics!

Thanks for reading our digest this week, hope you found something that peaks your interest! Comments are welcome on these blogs, we love to converse with our fellow Warriors!

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