Weekly Digest Oct 24th- Oct30th!

Hello Warriors! This week we have lots of blogs for you to read!

Anthony: Blog 1) He is looking for some helpful opinions on some school and work decisions, help him out by commenting on his blog! Blog 2)He attended a Halloween Party, check out his costume!

Carrie: Blog 1) Our Chem major blogger, contrary to last weeks blog, found her love for science again volunteering with kids on Science Saturday! She shared some pictures of that day as well, check them out! Blog 2) Carrie is getting in the Halloween spirit by sharing with us some great Halloween events going on tomorrow! If you’re not sure what you want to do tomorrow then be sure to read her blog for some ideas!

Luis: Blog 1)Luis shared with us his top 5 favorite Goose Bump Books. Do any of you remember reading these books?! So great! Blog 2) Luis shared with us his experience working the bloggers booth on preview day and shared a link for any of you that are interested in blogging for CSUStan yourselves!

Tamara: Blog 1) Tamara is planning to study abroad in Equador! Check out the amazing pics and see if maybe this sounds right to you! Blog 2) Tamara has volunteered to pass out candy to kids from the city at the campus dorms. Did you know you could do that?! If you live in the dorms you may be able to do the same.

Makenzie: A helpful blog about goal setting and dealing with not quite meeting them this semester. Some good tips on accepting that it’s okay :)!

Elizabeth: Blogger Elizabeth shared with us some fun Halloween fun facts in her blog! Check it out for some great conversation starters for Tomorrow Night!

Allyn: Blogger Allyn shared with us her weekend get-away with her husband camping at Steelhead Lake. Check out the beautiful pics, all just a 2 hour drive away!

Thanks for reading Warriors, and Be Safe this weekend! We wish you a Happy Halloween!!!!!!


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