Weekly Digest Sep.9-15

Another great week at Stanislaus, how about that bit of rain?! This past week we’ve got some great blogs written from our bloggers!

Carrie: Welcomes her senior year and all of its stresses. She’s come so far and has so much to be proud of. Follow her blog for some inside to how her senior year goes.

Tamara: As promised she lets us in on the story to go with one of her summer photos! If you’re a runner and enjoy races you’ll love this blog. We bet this won’t be her last raced based on how much fun they seemed to be.

Makenzie: She’s back at Stan and couldn’t be happier, looking forward to a year as awesome yet difficult as the last including dorms, greek life, campus wide activities and even homework. This girl is ready for it all! She wrote a second blog for what seems like a pretty awesome event for Halloween this year called the Zombie Train! If you’re looking for some thrills this Halloween you can find more information in her blog!

Elizabeth: Police Probation Department is having an Open House! This event is open to anyone, not just Criminal Justice majors. October 3rd! For more information click on Elizabeth’s name!

Luis: This guy is quite the soccer fan and rightly so! It seems he has a new love in soccer, the new professional team of Sacramento! If you enjoy soccer you will definitely want to hear all about this team, and Luis knows his facts!

Allyn: Allyn shared with us her family trip to Lake Tulloch for Labor Day weekend. Making time for fun and making memories with those you love seems to be quite important for this blogger.

Thanks for reading our digest, you can click on any of these bloggers you are interested in to go straight to their blog. You can even subscribe to them so that you get an email any time your favorite blogger posts.

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