Weekly Digest #6!

March is (almost) over! Which means, in the not too distant future, the end of the spring semester awaits. But don’t worry about any of that right now! We still have all of April to look forward to, and none of us have forgotten about Spring Break and all the fun blogs that will come from that much needed vacation.

We would like to take this time to give a very special shout-out and thanks to all our readers who have been faithfully following (and subscribing!) along with all of our bloggers, and we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed every blog post along the way. We work hard to make sure the blogs you’re reading are campus-centered, opinionated, informative, and fun. We never censor or edit our bloggers in anyway, and we think that brings out the absolute best and most authentic reading experience. Enjoy!

And without further ado…

Anthony (March 20th) – Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you have to just roll with the punches. Anthony finds that this rings especially true when getting your own place. A three bedroom apartment with only two tenants? All details are given in his latest blog post. Read the full blog and see if you can give any advice or help out in any way!

Carrie (March 22nd) – It’s finally hit theaters! Carrie, being such a huge Veronica Mars fan was more than ecstatic to finally see the movie on the big screen (maybe more than once by the time this is published?). She wears her favorite Veronica Mars shirt, jumps in her car, and watches a movie that was everything she wanted and more. Come revel in all her excitement in her latest post!

Luis (March 28th) – It’s finally Alpha Phi Omega’s reveal! Big & little pairings will be revealed tonight, and so begins the lifelong process of bonding and friendship! Luis is getting a little, and really couldn’t be more excited! Are you not familiar with all the Greek Life lingo, and aren’t really sure what a Big or Little really means? This blog will definitely keep you informed!

Marilu (March 23rd) – Sometimes time really does seem to just fly by. Whether it’s memories of your undergraduate years, or your involvement in your sorority, memories are always with you. Great times are best documented by photos, and Marilu shares with us some of her very favorites. What are her top 5 sorority moments? Read her blog and find out!

Jon (March 26th) – The Women’s Symposium is an annual event hosted by the sorority Lambda Sigma Gamma at CSU Stanislaus. This event aims at fostering and promoting positive development in all aspects of a women’s life. Jon attends and participates at this event with TKE and focuses on getting information out about all the different contraceptive methods available to women. Want to know more? Check out the blog for all the info!

Sintya (March 27th) – While she may have some time off from attending classes (Professors at conferences all week? Heck yes!) that doesn’t mean she has all this free time. Being a college student is serious business, and projects more than make up for her lack of classes. Sintya stays busy at one of her favorite study spots on campus. Where’s that you might ask? Read the blog to find out!

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