Weekly Digest #5!

Congratulations to Katie B. for being our very first sweepstakes winner and taking home the amazing Warrior Prize Pack!

Be on the lookout for more sweepstakes, giveaways, and other contests in the near future! The Admissions & Outreach office was so pleased with the number of people who entered the sweepstakes, and we’d love to continue rewarding our growing fan-base and supporters. You are all awesome!

Now, on to the weekly digest! Dive right in and see what everyone is up to!

Anthony (March 14th) – Anthony is all geared up for the move! With a date set and everything approved, the day he officially moves in to his new apartment draws closer and closer! But with so much stuff he no longer wants nor needs, Anthony definitely needs some advice on the best place to donate items. Do you know a good place? Donate some of your precious time and let him know in a comment! I’m sure he would appreciate it.

Carrie (March 15th) – Walking is an amazing way to relieve stress and get a little exercise. With a campus as beautiful as ours, sometimes you’d swear you’re walking in a park and not a university (though we do a great job at blurring the lines!). Carrie uses our many paved paths to take a journey around campus, and uses walking as “me time” to think and reflect on life. Do you use walking as an escape into your own mind? Subscribe and don’t miss a minute of Carrie’s journey!

Marilu (March 15th) – After some tough midterms, we all love feeling empowered and inspired. Marilu jumps on the opportunity to attend the Women’s Leadership Forum to connect with some high profile women in local companies, such as the Modesto Bee and Gallo. Hosted by the College of Business, the Women’s Leadership Forum is an excellent way to connect aspiring students with prominent women in our community. Get inspired with Marilu and learn all about the forum in her latest blog post!

Jon (March 19th) – Jump for St. Jude’s is an annual event hosted by Tau Kappa Epsilon at CSU Stanislaus. It is a 24+ hour event aimed at raising awareness and bringing in some donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Jon helps make the event a successful one; interviewing with the Modesto Bee, sending in information for the Turlock City News, and much much more. Loaded with fun pictures from the event, and with an update blog coming soon (with the grand total finally announced!) be sure to jump right into this blog!

Sintya (March 16th) –  The Career Fair is one of the many successful events hosted by the College of Business throughout the academic year. Sintya makes sure to never miss this event and takes full advantage of the opportunity to meet and network with the many local and national representatives in attendance. With less than 10 weeks left in the semester, what other events will Sintya attend? With a quick subscription, you definitely won’t miss a thing!

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Have a great week!

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