Weekly Digest #4

The wait is over! Weekly Digest #4 is here!

Some exciting news for all our readers! In celebration of our Facebook page reaching 500 likes we are currently having a sweepstakes, which ends in just a few short days! We are giving away some awesome Warrior merchandise, and we have plenty of ways to win (4 to be exact). If you would like more info, or for your very own chance to win, look at the widget to the right of this post labeled “Sweepstakes”. In that widget you can find out all the ways to enter, terms and conditions, and any other information you may need! Good luck!

Now on to the bloggers!

Anthony (March 7th) – Moving is a big deal. And when you finally decide to walk out of your parents’ house and into one that is your own (even if it is just an apartment with friends), it’s a big “wow-I’m-becoming-an-adult” life moment. Anthony is looking for an apartment, and he is sure to be blogging about all the fun (and hopefully he completely avoids the not-so-fun) moments that come along with his own place. He has the roommates, the budget, and the motivation, but will he have the actual place? You’ll have to keep this blog on your homepage and find out soon!

Carrie (March 8th) – Carrie is making sure she is getting the most out of living in the dorms! Between trips to the local Stockton Thunder hockey games and going to a place like Boomers, Carrie is definitely on the fun-train and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. Laser tag, go karts, and so many other activities were in store for her! What housing-hosted adventure will Carrie be on next? You’ll have to hop on board and follow along!

Luis (March 12th) – The American Red Cross is an organization that is familiar with many people, and often is recognized and rewarded for the good they do for our nation and around the world. Being able to volunteer and help the American Red Cross is an opportunity that can’t be beat, and Luis is sure to make the best of it. Between CPR training, information on various disasters and scenarios, or making sure you’re personally stocked and prepared for anything that may come your way, Luis is all in-the-know and ready to help. Stay informed and prepared for anything else Luis’s blog may through your way by subscribing!

Marilu (March 9th) – Midterms are here in full force, and some students are feeling the pressure a little more than others. Marilu is doing her very best to stay on top, which includes copious amounts of reading, reviewing, and studying hard. Nothing is better than hard work and dedication, and most importantly passing all your classes. Be the good students I know you all are and follow along. Study with Marilu and I promise you’ll all get excellent marks!

Jon (March 12th) – Birthday parties are a blast, and what could be better than one birthday? How about two!!! Celebrations are abundant in this blog, both personal and campus-wide. Mustaches, cupcakes, music, free food, and fun all make this blog well worth the read! Come help celebrate the right way by reading this blog, and subscribing. It’s probably the best birthday present you could get a blogger! (Maybe not the best, but definitely in the top 10.)

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