Weekly Digest #3

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Anthony (February 28th) Anthony learns all about the political spectrum and where he personally falls based upon his own values and beliefs on government involvement, or lack thereof. He goes into a little detail about capitalism and socialism; basically all the political science fun you can handle! If you’re all about politics, or even if you’re not – learn a thing or two and enjoy a good blog!

Carrie (March 1st) Going home to visit your parents isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it’s all about getting some work out of the way. But the great thing about some early “spring cleaning” means saving your Spring Break for something a little more fun. Carrie gets right to it with a little motivation from her parents, of course. Naps? NOT. All work and no play in this blog (but don’t fret, it’s only for the weekend!)

Luis (February 28th) Meet the Firms Night is a special event hosted by the College of Business at CSU Stanislaus. Luis talks about all the perks and great networking opportunities he made last year, and how he definitely won’t miss this years either! Are you an incoming student interested in business, or just want to know where this event will be located? Luis knows. So read to find out!

Marilu (March 2nd) Oh, the perks of landing an on-campus job. Flexibility with your class schedule in mind, no weekends or holidays, making incredible connections which lead to great networking opportunities. But that’s not all! You’ll have to read her blog to really find out what she loves the most about working on campus!

Jon (March 5th) Giving back and volunteering for an organization that helped you so much in high school can also be a great way to network (is networking the theme of this week…?) Jon does a site visit to a local high school as a Gay-Straight Alliance alum, and has so much fun empowering youth and helping them find their voice. What better way to give back? Find all the details in his blog!

And last, but certainly not least, we introduce our newest blogger, Sintya! We are so excited to have her and know she will be a wonderful addition to our team! You can read her – About Me – here.

Sintya (March 4th) It’s already that time: midterms. And whether you love them or hate them, some students are already going through the cramming and studying that comes along with these exams. While Sintya may be pretty much done with them, she is really looking forward to her favorite part of her classes this semester. What part is that, you ask? Well, you’ll have to read to find out!

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