Weekly Digest #1

Welcome to the newest addition to the CSU Stanislaus Student Blogging Project: OurCSUStan. This blog will serve as, among other things, a weekly digest. What does that mean for you? It means you can subscribe to or bookmark just ONE blog, and get access to ALL of our student blogs each week.

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Here are the most recent blogs from our Student Bloggers, and a sample of what we’ll send you each and every week when you become a subscriber:

Anthony (February 14th) – Anthony discusses (hypothetically!) his ideas for an art website where he showcases, presents, and potentially sells his artwork. He has a link to an example webpage he has been working on, with some really neat artwork he has done in the past. Art enthusiasts of all sorts: this blog is a must!

Carrie (February 15th) – Carrie’s latest blog talks all about her obsession with the hit TV show, Veronica Mars. She discusses how excited she is for the upcoming movie, and how she has already purchased her ticket in advance! Do you love Veronica Mars? Are you a huge fan of Kickstarter projects? If yes, this blog is your number one pick.

Luis (February 14th) – Luis is all about Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity on campus. This week is his fraternity’s rush week, a time for recruiting new members and hosting fun events along the way. Interested in Greek Life, or clubs and organizations on our campus? Are you a fan of helping others and participating in amazing community service events? If so, this blog will be your helping hand.

Marilu (February 16th) – Marilu was definitely feeling the love this past weekend! Between live music from one of her favorite bands, making some amazing memories with some of her favorite sisters, or volunteering at a crab-feed fundraiser (and having some delicious crab afterwards) she leads quite the packed and busy life. If you’re into all things friends, food, and fun – this deserves a read!

Jon (February 17th) – Jon talks about Induction: what it is, what it means, and what it has done for him. He expresses his excitement for the new six-man class for the Spring of 2014, and what is in store for them next! Will he be a big for the fourth time? You’ll have to keep up with his blog to find out!

John (February 19th) – John is having a chill semester and getting the most he can from the short drives to some major cities. San Francisco? Sacramento? Why not. It’s all a short drive from CSU Stanislaus and he’s making sure to make the most of it. Are you curious about local travels from a student’s perspective? Follow this blog and travel along!

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